Our Approach

We are, first and foremost, dedicated to our clients and will use all the tools in our arsenal to make sure we exceed clients’ expectations. This means properly assessing each use-case and identifying where we can help to generate value. We use cutting edge data engineering capabilities, scalable cloud technologies, and in-depth domain expertise to tackle client needs head on.

Here’s how we typically help our clients with bespoke analytic needs:

Our Data & Analytics products are available as a one-stop portal for your market data needs. Custom analytics are supported by our Data Strategy Consultants that additionally engage in data discovery, design of new analytics, and configuration of ETLs with your data. This ensures the complex data flow from ingestion to the delivery of advanced metrics is handled effectively by us; providing a simple and convenient process for you!


Data Strategy Consulting

Our data professionals will work to understand the data you already capture, generate bespoke insights, advise how to expand your sales pipeline, and uncover the analytics you’ll need to stay ahead of the competition

Data Strategy Consulting

Alpha Book™

Get full access to granular Canadian equity market data with our full-service Alpha Book™ portal. All with a simple, affordable licensing model.

The de-facto data platform for regulators and trade surveillance teams to analyze the market. Algorithmic traders can feed the granular data points into backtesting environments to intuit strategies.

Data Platform

Transaction Cost Analytics

Choose from our suite of Transaction Cost Analytics or generate your own bespoke insights and dashboards with our analytics platform.

Clients have achieved unprecedented trade match rates all with full transparency of data lineage – insights from your smart order router back to your trader’s hands.

Analytics Platform



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